My Winter at Padre Island with Betsy

What can I say. I needed a big adventure. Back in October I bought Betsy, my RV.  I spent a few months resealing up the roof, cleaning her up, and falling deeper in love with my adventure-mobile.  Then, when my dad who had been helping me with the renovations released the death grip, I reassured him I'd call every night, and I finally took off for Texas.

I loved waking up in a new place every morning on the way down.  I planned only a day or two ahead where I would stay until I got to Padre Island National Seashore.  I got there, and I didn't want to leave!  I could park Betsy right on the beach on both sides of the island.  I painted the shoreline, the birds, the sunrises.  And will share those in my "Shop."  You may want to follow me on Instagram to see more photos and videos of my trip. My Instagram handle is: Vanessa_Lacy_.

I'm looking forward to future trips and thanking my lucky stars I made it back from my adventure with me and Betsy all in one piece.

Thank you for following along with me on my journey as an artist and as a person seeking my beauty and truth in life.  I couldn't do it without the support of people who adopt my painting babies.

Stay tuned for the next adventure!