Night and Weekend Painting

I've been painting away my weekends since the beginning of March.  Making time for friends and family the best I can.  Its been difficult getting a routine going for the studio since I took some time off painting to buy a condo and move downtown.  It took time to settle, reconnect with friends, and to shake off the sadness of an ended relationship and the disappointment that comes with dating new people.  Finally I'm coming to see that though my life is full of people, my teaching job, and a new place, my life feels very incomplete when I'm not painting.  Now that I'm back in the studio, I feel like my best version of myself again. I don't feel sad or like I'm lacking anything.  I'm not satisfied with the work where it is, but I feel it in my bones that something amazing will happen in my work in the next few months.  I plan on trying new painting techniques to push my work to a new level and just plain painting my butt off every weekend for the foreseeable future.  I'm full of hope, full of excitement to see what I will discover in my work in the upcoming months. Click the link below to see the paintings I worked on yesterday.

Click the thumbnail image and read the excerpt to see my latest large painting.

All my love,